All Natural Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning

For Cats & Dogs

Fresh kisses from your loyal companion...



2020- "Emma was fabulous. Did an excellent job with our little dog Sydney. Will definitely use her again and highly recommend her services."

2020- "I'm very pleased with Emma's work. She is a great professional and amazingly gentle with your pet. Macy, my mini poodle had this done for the first time but after seeing the results, I will make sure her dental wellness will be priority. Thank you, Emma!"

2020- "Emma did an amazing job on our 8 yr old Jug, Gsxr. He is a pretty stubborn, set in his own ways dog and we were concerned about him cooperating during the cleaning. We are THRILLED with the results. He has never had his teeth cleaned before so you can imagine how gross they were. We can already see an improvement in the way his breath smells. Incredible work! We would highly recommend Smile and Shine K9."

2020- "Emma did an outstanding job with our Kandy! It is almost as if Kandy had an at-home spa day, thanks to Emma. Kandy's teeth are radiant and look so brand new!"

Thank you, Emma! We will see you soon for our next fur baby, Prince.

2020- "Great job. Kind and gentle work. I would recommend them."

2020- "Emma has always had a way with dogs and you can see her passion and pride she has through her work. She is qualified, patient, and a great charisma that makes dog owners feel safe and support with their pups. I would highly recommend Smile and Shine K9!"

2019- "Very friendly with Cinnamon! She was done in about 45 minutes. Great service and Cinnamon seemed to tolerate the procedure very well!! Thank you!"

2019- "I'm writing on behalf of my husband who shared his experience with me during his visit with our Maltese earlier this week. Thank you for taking such good care of Sugar! Her teeth are sparkling clean now! Thanks for sharing her experience with pictures and videos, it seems like she really enjoyed her visit! ❤️ My husband told me the staff were really kind, detailed and communicated the process very well with him. We are very pleased and will definitely recommend your service to everyone. See you soon again and thank you!...."

2019-  "I really did not think she would be able to clean his teeth. Emma put me at ease and 1 hour later I had a perfectly happy boy with CLEAN TEETH, no anesthesia required! They look great and he is not upset in any way! I am a believer now and will have my girls teeth done the next time."

2019- "Amazing service! The technician was very friendly and I couldn't have asked for better results". 

2019- 'What an amazing experience kooper is anxious but loved Emma stress free and quick and the results are amazing.....price was amazing considering our vet gave us a quote of 800 for just a consult i highly recommend them I put the picture we took from home as the lighting doesn't do justice to how clean his teeth are thank you so much guys you Rock!"

2019- "Very friendly staff who did an excellent job cleaning my cats teeth, quickly and at a very reasonable price!"

2019- "Our miniature dachshunds, Hazel and Amelia had their teeth cleaned today! I have to say the whole experience was really incredible! They did a phenomenal job! They were able to keep our girls comfortable and calm and they did an amazing job at cleaning their teeth- and the best part, they didn't have to put them under and it didn't break our wallet! I would definitely recommend these amazing girls! Thank you again!!"

2019- "Both Jerry the rescue dog and ourselves were amazed at the professional, passionate and friendly level of service received today. We have one happy and handsome canine proud to show off his pearly white teeth now. Thank you for a job well done."

2019- "Professional and magical work !! Thank you so much 😊" 

2019- "Absolutely amazing results! We took our Alaskan huskies 14 yr old Storm and 11 yr old Tahoe in for a cleaning today, I was feeling a bit nervous about it and definitely wasn't sure how they were going to behave (Storm can be a bit of a drama queen and Tahoe can react if he feels like he is being pressured or forced into something he's not comfortable with and they both hate when I brush their teeth at home). I decided to stay in the area anticipating a phone call saying they weren't able to do the cleaning because one or both of them wouldn't cooperate, much to my surprise they didn't call! I am amazed at the work the girls did on their teeth and how they managed to do it. When we picked them up they were both happy and calm (completely different from a vet visit). I would highly recommend this company! Thank you for making our fur babies visit such a success and for doing such a great job on their teeth!!"

2019- "I brought my 5 year Yorkie to get her teeth cleaned. The vet wanted $1200 and her teeth look amazing. The ladies who took care of her were amazing with her. "

2019- "Emma's teeth look amazing now!! thank you again 😁"

2019- "Millie had her teeth cleaned by Emma today. Millie came out calm and happy to see me. Her before and after pic's showed just how good a job Emma did. She was very loving with Millie and caring towards her. Millie is a rescue and a little skittish with strangers but went willingly with Emma. Great job and positive experience....would highly recommend."

2019- "Took my dog today for a cleaning and he girls were amazing with my 12 year old mini dachshund, Molly. I was a little nervous about how she would react. The only other time we had her teeth cleaned was medically where they put her out for it but she did amazing and her feel look awesome. Her breath smells better now too. Thanks so much I will definitely use you guys again in the future!"

2019- "Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Thank you so much for my boys beautiful teeth."

2019- "They were incredible. My cats have stopped drooling and it's looks as if they never had plaque on their teeth. They told me they massaged them during the process and that they even purred! It was fast and affordable! Thank you so much!"

2019- "I can't express how happy and impressed I was with the service that I got today . Not only were the ladies working there super nice and friendly but they made me feel very comfortable knowing that I was leaving Gerri in good hands. He can be a hand full and I was worried that he wouldn't be able to go through the whole process but he did and I thought that was amazing ! As a person that thinks of their dog as their baby I can confidently say that I would recommend these ladies and their company to all my fellow pet parents. Thank you again for being so kind and I'd also like to say that I was grateful that they informed me about the aftercare this way Gerri wouldn't have to go back so often . To me that showed the integrity of a company and makes me feel good bcz I chose people that actually value my dogs health over making money . You ladies are the bomb!" 

2019- "Amazing service, we were thrilled with the results. Our dog struggles with bad anxiety, and they knew exactly how to make her feel comfortable." 

2019- "Emma did an amazing job on my dogs teeth they were super clean! She was really friendly and did an awesome job. Will be coming back, when my girl needs it again!!"