Attention! Disclosure & Disclaimer:  

Our Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning Technicians are truly passionate about animals. Although there are many benefits from using this service, such as; white teeth, removal of plaque & tartar, fresh breath, brushing and polishing the teeth. We also provide a calming/relaxing environment for your pet and a detailed aftercare form to help keep your dog or cats breath, smelling fresh! This service is not to be confused as a medical procedure. I am NOT a Veterinarian, I cannot & will not diagnose or treat infections or disease. If your dog has a severe build up and has been previously diagnosed with periodontal disease, your pet will need to be seen and treated with Veterinary medicine by a Veterinarian. 

Compassion & Care 

At Smile & Shine K9, we go above and beyond for our clients. That includes pawrents and our furry friends! Smile & Shine K9 does NOT discriminate against any breeds - ALL BREEDS are welcome. At Smile & Shine K9, we are all First Aid Certified with 'Walks N Wags Pet First Aid'. Our Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning Technicians all have extensive backgrounds in Animal Care, Animal Behaviour, Vet Technicians, Vet Assistants, Grooming & we continue to grow our education. 

All Natural Products 

Who doesn't LOVE fresh breath and sloppy kisses from their favourite furry companion?! At Smile & Shine K9 we take pride in using all natural products. We use enzymatic pet safe toothpaste, along with gel that works with the saliva to break down any existing plaque and tartar. An AMAZING product we use is 'Colloidal Silver', which is a mineral antibacterial remedy that will work to fight any infections. Being all natural Smile & Shine K9 makes it pawsible to have a happy and successful procedure.  We provide detailed aftercare for you and your pet so that you can keep up with your dog or cats oral hygiene in between visits.  We can't wait to help with tips & tricks to get your fur babies breath smelling great again!